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The Salem Area Historical Society, which consists of members from several communities, was founded in 1975 for America’s Bi-Centennial. The SAHS gained momentum in 1979 when it banded together for the purpose of obtaining and restoring the Jarvis Stone School located at Curtis and North Territorial Roads in Salem Township. The one-room school was finally restored in 1995. It is used for SAHS meetings and events. Additionally, it is occasionally used for its original purpose, that of teaching youngsters.  In 1999, SAHS acquired the Dickerson Barn, the oldest barn in Washtenaw County.  From 2006 to 2008, SAHS raised the barn on its property at North Territorial and Curtis Roads.  In 2013, the SAHS property was designated by Washtenaw County as The Jarvis Stone School Local Historic District,

SAHS meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month usually at 7:30 PM. April, May, September and October meetings are at the Stone School.  January and February meetings are at the Salem Township Hall.
In lieu of the monthly meeting, March has the Annual Dinner Gala; the summer months a Yard Sale, Flag Day Parade and a Croquet Match; September a Barn Dance  and December a Christmas Gathering.

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